Data Transfer using WCF

So forgetting OData for a minute (not hard to do), I was thinking about how to transfer SDO classes to and from a WCF service.  All of the WCF projects I have worked on have been POCOs with the appropriate WCF attributes from System.ServiceModel and System.Runtime.Serialization.  I never thought about putting an ADO.NET recordset as a return value from a WCF method.  I also wondered about putting the recordset as a parameter to a WCF method.  I assume it is possible, I was curious about how much effort it would take.  I Binged on Google (or was it Googled on Bing) and these was nothing that jumped out.

I fired up a typical WCF project and then added a consuming console app to the solution.  I then wrote an interface that returns a dataTable like so:

public interface IDataFactory
    DataTable GetDataTable();
public class DataFactory : IDataFactory
    public DataTable GetDataTable()
        throw new NotImplementedException();

I then hit F6 and sure enough it compiled.  I then changed the implementation to this

public DataTable GetDataTable()
    DataTable dataTable = new DataTable();
    dataTable.TableName = "Customers";

    DataRow row1 = dataTable.NewRow();
    row1[0] = 1;
    row1[1] = "Customer #1";
    DataRow row2 = dataTable.NewRow();
    row2[0] = 2;
    row2[1] = "Customer #2";

    return dataTable;


and I am still compiling.  So then I went to the client and added a reference and it worked:


I then fired up the client like so:

static void Main(string[] args)

    DataFactoryClient client = new DataFactoryClient();
    DataTable table = client.GetDataTable();

    foreach (DataRow row in table.Rows)
        Console.WriteLine(String.Format("Customer {0} named {1}.",row[0],row[1]));


And I hit F5:



Wow.  Microsoft made this stupid simple.

I then though about how to pass in an individual data row. 

String InsertDataRow(DataRow row);
public String InsertDataRow(DataRow row)
    return String.Format("You entered {0}.", row[0].ToString());

And when I hit update reference from my consuming app, I got this:


Crud!  I then thought I could just add a serializable data row like so:

public class SerializableDataRow: DataRow

And this:

String InsertDataRow(SerializableDataRow row);

But no, I get this:


So now I have to jump down a rabbit hole and possible violate the Liskov Substitution Principle.  Since I want things to be stupid simple, I gave up with inheritance.  I then found this post.  So either use a datatable (and suffer the overhead) or convert the DataRow into something that can be seialized (like XML, custom classes, etc..)

So I give Microsoft a C on this – somewhat stupid simple, but not entirely…


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